Watch Out – Smartphones With Invisible Cameras Are Coming

In a way technological development is amazing and exciting. We all want to have more screen area, bezel-less and without any notch where the camera is. We also don’t want to have another pop cameras, flip-up and so types of cameras on our smartphones. We just want a clear, clean looking display and at the same time a selfie camera which doesn’t ruin the aesthetic look of our smartphones.

It seems like we can have our wishes fulfilled soon. But the at the same time it’s disturbing and scary. Just imagine, the hidden cameras underneath the display of different devices and you don’t know it’s there. People can spy on each other stealthily in normal, ordinary circumstances. You wouldn’t even know you are being filmed or photographed even when the device is right in front of you.

Just a food for thought. Technology is technology, it just depends on who uses it and how you use it. Look forward to the fully functioning invisible phone cameras in the near future.

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